RIP Katy. Birth date unknown.

Death: Oct. 5, 2019; forever alive in our hearts


By Katy

A therapy dog I am. Since 2010.

Here are the answers to the

questions I hear the most:‚Äč

1. What breed are you? I am a mutt and a wizard. Other than that, IDK. If anyone asks, just say I am a hybrid who reminds people of a dog they once knew.

2. How old are you? It's really not polite to ask, is it? Ageless describes me best.

3. What does a therapy dog do? I visit nursing homes, schools and special events. Someone else must drive me, but then I go to work. 

Stories about real things that happen to people who seem real.


Ouch. This looks worse than it is. I just wanna go outside. Please.